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Solar simulation

sun simulationsun simulatorSolar Simulation Technology

Suntech has developed its Sunlight Simulators through over 25 years of engineering R&D, born from industrial materials testing centers, now adapted for your business or facility.

Some of our earliest efforts focused on the creation of climate simulation chambers for the automotive industry. Here, exacting technical precision is required to explore the behaviour of paints, interior fittings, and components as they are exposed to strong sunlight over time.

We have also helped industrial clients test the differential thermal resistance of materials in desert conditions and other harsh environments where intense sunlight can cause serious damage.

At the heart of Suntech’s Sun System lies an advanced and innovative solar simulator that generates the Sun’s full spectrum to safely deliver all the light and soothing warmth of the Sun.The Sun Simulator is mounted overhead, and a computer control system activates timed programmes that simulate a full day from dawn to dusk. A full sensory environment of scents, sounds, and imagery is built around the sun, anything from an idyllic Swedish coastline, complete with boat houses and boulders, to exotic tropical islands of the South Seas.