Get that sunny feeling


Today, Suntech has installed more than 200 Sun simulators in the following countries: Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Netherlands, England, Germany, Poland, Canada, and Russia.

Success in Canada
Les Verieres du Golf senior living in Montreal has invested in a unique sunroom from Suntech. One of the existing flats has been transformed into a tropical paradise featuring both Thailand and Greek inspired multisensory surroundings. The indoor beach has been featured in national papers, radio and TV.

The Wholistic Medical Centre, Harley Street, London
The Wholistic Medical Centre is situated in the core of London’s famous medical district. Their Zen Garden Sun Therapy room is having positive effects on the overall health and well-being of patients, staff and colleagues. 

Federation Tower Moskva
There is now a sun simulator from Suntech in Europe’s tallest skyscraper (506 m). The facility is situated on the 61st floor of the Federation Tower in Moscow. Up here, you can now swim and sunbathe at this luxury spa with amazing views of the capital city.

Grange St. Paul’s Hotel, London, UK
The Grange Hotel is a stunning brand new 5-star contemporary hotel situated in the heart of London sets new standards for luxury and elegance. Their state of the art Spa, launched in January 2010, includes a Zen garden sun therapy room where guests can fully relax and improve their health and well-being.