Get that sunny feeling

Our sun environments

our sun environments

The Tropics, the Mediterranean, or the Scandinavian Coastline? You decide!

Step onto a sandy beach: it’s 28 degrees with tropical backdrop and palms; the sound of waves in the background; a cool breeze soothes your skin; sand trickles between your toes. Experience a full cycle of the day from sunrise, high noon, and sunset in just a short visit to your Suntech sun space.

We create a full-body multi-sensory experience that stimulates all your senses: vision, sound, touch and climate come together to relax and rejuvenate you.

An authentic holiday experience – on-demand! We specialize in creating environments and experiences that offer the sensation of being away on holiday, an escape from everyday life. Suntech will help you create an atmosphere that relaxes and stimulates new energy and enthusiasm. You select your desired environment, we deliver the complete sun-filled package. Here are some examples of the themes we’ve created:

thailandbar thailandpalmer bohuslan200